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              2014年 荷蘭布雷達平面設計節全球征集海報

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              Graphic Design Fesitival Breda 2014

              Graphic Design Fesitival Breda 2014荷蘭布雷達平面設計節全球征集海報
              +2014.2.7上傳作品截止(作品規格:PDF / A3 (29,7 X 42 cm) / max 5 MB / 200 dpi / CMYK color)

              This is your chance to take part in the Graphic Design Festival Breda! This year the Poster Project is fully open to participation by seniors, startups, students and autodidacts. We challenge you to show off your talent. Design a poster and submit it before February 7, 2014.
              A selection of 50 entries will be shown during the festival as part of an international outdoor exhibition in the city center of Breda.
              Graphic designers connect ideas, information and people. This is a great responsibility in a world where image affects people's behaviour and opinions. Using the maker revolution, financial crisis and social media uprising as an inspiration we can create transparant, sustainable and honest concepts for the future. As a designer you can contribute to this process by visually reviewing, researching, reflecting and reconnecting to political, economical, ecologic and social challenges. We ask you to display a personal way of handling these contemporary challenges and share this with a wide audience.
              You’re free to choose a subject, but we challenge you to take on one of these attitudes:
              You add a personal touch to everyday reality. Your visualization triggers the viewer's imagination.
              You reflect on news creating a compact and comprehensible context for today’s topics.
              You dissect complex systems to create a transparent view on our environment.
              You provoke public debate shaping the viewer's personal opinion.
              The poster does not serve as an announcement for the festival, but your design encourages discussion, presents a solution, calls for action or shows a different view on a contemporary challenge that you experience. Please keep in mind that the winnng posters are exhibited in public space.
              02/07/2014: Upload your design
              03/01/2014: Announcement of the 50 winners.
              04/17/2014: Exhibition during Graphic Design Festival Breda
              Send in your design ith the following specifications: PDF / A3 (29,7 X 42 cm) / max 5 MB / 200 dpi / CMYK color mode. Save the file as: . Winners have to submit a new file in size A0.
              Terms & conditions
              1. You give permission to exhibit the poster during the festival and following presentations.
              2. You give permission to use the design for promotional purposes.
              2. You give permission to print a limited editon; one for display, one for you and a maximum of 5 for sales.
              3. You allow the proceeds of the sale will to be donated to the project.
              4. You declare to submit your design under Creative Commons 3.0 license.
              5. You promise to submit new or previously unpublished work.
              6. You can only submit via our website.
              7. You can submit a maximum of three entries per designer/studio.
              During the festival the process is key. We are very interested in your process, sketches and inspirations. Please share these as pictures, videos, links or short texts on our facebook eventpage.
              Is there more information about these attitudes?
              - Sure, read our digital book 'Perspectives in visual storytelling'
              Can a submit a silk screen print of 3D posters?
              - Sure, please get in touch by email to make arrangements.
              My pdf file is too large for uploading!
              - See this instruction to reduce your file size.
              I would like to contribute multiple posters.
              - No problem, but make sure you number the files.

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